Job Training

The Austin Dog Alliance Job Training Program provides vocational training and job placement for adults with autism, ADHD, hearing impairments and a wide variety of other disabilities.  
Austin Dog Alliance is a credentialed provider of job placement, supported employment, vocational adjustment training, personal social adjustment training and environmental work assessments thru the Texas Workforce Commission.  Some students may qualify for fee coverage by Texas TWC. Contact your counselor for more details.

Hands-on Vocational Training and Job Placement for DOG Related Careers

The Austin Dog Alliance S+CORE! program provides canine-related employment training and job placement. This program addresses the social etiquette of finding employment and working, as well as technical skills for jobs in shelters, doggie day care, boarding kennels, grooming facilities and veterinarian offices.
The training program consists of two classes:

Introduction to Job Skills for Dog Related Careers – This 16 hour course is an introduction to dog related career opportunities.  The course includes hands on interaction with dogs every class. Work days at dog related businesses enhance the learning experience.  At the end of the course, students will have life skills related to owning a dog and an understanding of dog related career opportunities.

Job Skills for Dog Related Careers – This 70 hour course will prepare students for dog related careers in shelters, kennels, veterinarian offices and grooming facilities. The class meets three days a week. The course teaches vocational skills working with dogs in a variety of environments and soft skills related to obtaining and keeping a job. Each session includes 5 field trips to potential work environments and guest speakers. 

Job placement assistance includes developing a resume and cover letter, preparing for the job interview, identifying and contacting potential employers, negotiating the terms of employment, providing job coaching during the first few weeks of employment and providing an on-going resource for work related issues.   

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