Dog Park Guidelines

Dog Park Guidelines for Use


The use of the dog park is FREE for current students when the office is open.  The dog park is NORTH of the creek.  It is NOT adjacent to the agility field.  

Students who are not currently enrolled in a class may visit the dog park for $5 per visit suggested donation.  

Please note: the picnic grove adjacent to the agility field is used for classes, seminars, service dog training and other uses by our instructors.  The grove is available by reservation for a rental fee.  If the grove is empty and the agility field is NOT being used, students may use the area as an off-leash play area.  Staff has priority.  Thank you for understanding.  
The off-leash trails and dog park area features over 5 acres. The space is mowed frequently to reduce burrs. More than half the space is cleared of brush trees and weeds, leaving a nice open space for frisbee and catch. Hiking trails in the natural area provide a wonderful spot for you and your dog to explore nature. This area of the park contains 4 – 5 ft. boundary fencing. Since a creek runs along one side of the property, please use caution in this area, as mother nature likes to take down the fence.

The Austin Dog Alliance strives to provide a fun, safe environment for you, your family and your dog(s). We are delighted to provide you this beautiful setting to enjoy your dog. However, by using the Austin Dog Alliance New Hope Trails and Dog Park, you agree that you understand and assume all responsibility and liability for the risks of unleashing your dog(s) in this area of our property. Any harm to humans or canines is your responsibility, not Austin Dog Alliance’s. If you are not comfortable with this premise, please do not use the trails and dog park.

The trails and dog park are not a supervised area of our ranch, therefore users are required to abide by the following rules and etiquette at all times.
  • Please check in at the receptionist desk upon arrival.  Please enter the backyard thru thru the side gate, it is not necessary to go thru the house to access the dog park.  
  • You must be able to control your dog. Please do not use the dog park if you cannot recall your dog, even when the dog is distracted by other dogs or wildlife.
  • Dog parks are not suitable for all dogs. If your dog has any tendencies of aggression towards other dogs, please consider a private rental instead of open hours. Any dog which, in the opinion of Austin Dog Alliance, is uncontrollable, unpredictable, aggressive, or in any way a danger to people or other dogs will be denied access or asked to leave.
  • If you own a small dog, please be aware that large dogs can be a risk to your dog. At this time, we do not have separate fenced areas for large and small dogs.
  • Since any interactions with your dog on our premises reflects on Austin Dog Alliance, we expect that you will use humane and positive training methods.
  • Sorry, the trails and dog park may not be used for teaching private lessons or group classes.
  • No continuous barking, due to close proximity to neighbors and classes that may be in session.
  • This is a natural area. We have mowed the grass, trimmed trees and attempted to eradicate fire ants in the most commonly used areas. However, we cannot remove all snakes, wildlife, poison ivy, poison oak or sticker burrs. You are using this area at your own discretion.
  • It is your responsibility to determine if the fencing meets your safety needs. Small dogs may be able to go under the fence in areas. Since the off leash area topography changes each time it rains, please be extra cautious in the areas near the creek.
  • Children under 13 years of age are not permitted in the park unless they are under adult supervision. Your children are your responsibility. Please keep in mind that large dogs can easily knock over a small child. Children should NEVER be allowed to run in the park as this action can cause some dogs to become overly aroused.
  • Dogs must not be left unattended or out of sight range. Supervise your dog(s) as they move around the park. We understand that socializing with your human friends is a wonderful aspect of a dog park, however, your first responsibility is to watch your dog.
  • Please clean up after your dog(s). The necessary supplies are provided for you. Seal the waste in the bag before disposing of it in the dog waste container.
  • Please help by picking up orphan poops to keep the park clean and disease free. Picking up an orphan poop is a good deed, thank you for being so courteous.
  • Digging is not permitted. Guardians must try to fill in any holes their dogs may dig in the park.
  • Vaccination records including Rabies, Parvo, and Distemper are required. Flea prevention is strongly recommended. Your dog is not welcome in the park if your records are not on file at the office, so bring in updated records when they expire.
  • All dogs must bear permanent ID (collar tag or microchip).
  • Maximum of 2 dogs per guardian at one time.
  • Female dogs in season/heat are not permitted in the park.
  • Please do not smoke or eat while in the off leash area of the park. Glass containers are not permitted in the park. For your convenience, picnics are allowed in the area between the agility field and dog park fence. Please clean up after yourself. Please keep your dog leashed in this area.
  • No dog chews, treats or food of any kind are allowed in the Dog Park.
  • Frisbee, balls and retrieval toys are allowed and encouraged, but be prepared to share with other park visitors.
  • Guardians must carry a leash. If it is necessary to leash your dog due to a behavior problem, please exit the park promptly.
  • Choke or prong collars are not permitted in the park. They can snag on trees, fencing or park furniture, as well as on another dog’s mouth. Quick release collars are recommended.
  • Dogs are to be leashed before entering and leaving the fenced in area. Enter with caution if other dogs are already present within the park. Please discourage your dog(s) from standing at or near the gate as people are trying to enter. Do not enter if another dog is at the gate unattended.
  • Dogs need to be leashed when walking from the parking lot, thru the first gate and past the agility field. As a courtesy to our students on the agility field, please do not allow your dog near the agility fence or to stare at the dogs.
Most of all… Have fun!
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