Meet our Therapy Teams

Meet Our Therapy Teams

Austin Dog Alliance is proud to introduce you to our certified therapy dog handlers and their very special, highly trained therapy dog partners. Austin Dog Alliance recognizes the importance of certifying therapy dog teams, rather than simply registering them. Austin Dog Alliance therapy dog teams are certified and there is an important difference between registration and certification, despite the terms sometimes being used interchangeably. Certification implies that the organization has participated in the handler’s and the animal’s training. Whereas registration requires a one-time screening, a registration organization does not certify that the team is trained to a certain level. Instead, the team is registered as having met minimum requirements.
Austin Dog Alliance is proud to be part of the training, testing and continuing education of our certified teams. When one of our teams visits your facility, you can be assured that the team has met the highest standards for training and that the team is fully supported by Austin Dog Alliance. Each team is insured by a $1 million per occurrence liability policy. Every volunteer has also passed a back ground check. To ensure high quality as the dog ages, teams are re-tested every three years. Volunteers are offered continuing education courses at least twice per year.
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