Pet Therapy Teams - Rainbow Bridge

Pet Therapy Rainbow Bridge
2006 - 2016
These beloved Pet Therapy dogs have crossed the rainbow bridge, but the joy they brought to our community lives on. 

Becca Franco and Gladys

 Carolyn Honish and Lumpi

Carson Jones and Kitty 

Catherin Getz and Marlin

Cathy Glidewell and Woody

Cheryl White and Auzzie

Cyndi Lessard and Logan

Debi Krakar and Riley

Diana Cox and Lakota

Elizabeth Smith and Daisy

Gail March and Chance

Glenna Williamson and Mandy

Hannah & Stacie McGee & Becket

Janis Graef and Avery

Jennie Chen and Mouse

Jennifer Baade and Branigan

Jessica Harrison and Della

Jessica Harrison and Hunter

Karen Kimbrough and Hansi

Karen Kimbrough and Heidi

Krystal Hagan and Harvey

Laurie Mendelzon and Romeo

Lynn Powell and Molly

Lynne Gadd and Amber

MaryAnn Orosz and Jake

Melinda Hansen and Oakley

Naomi Boyar and Riley

Neel Meehta and Joey

Nikki Stromp and Happy

Ruth Ann Marsh and Jack

Sally Pawsat and Nola

Suzanne Duncan and Pablo

Joy Nassour and Mattie

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