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Summer Camps for Dog Lovers

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Austin Dog Alliance summer camps are designed for kids who really like dogs. Campers will learn about dog breeds, dog training, puppies, dog first aid, how to read dog body language, dog sports and more.

Camp size is limited to 12 children and is taught by a combination of Elementary School Teachers and Certified Professional Dog Trainers. All camp instructors are certified in canine and human first aide and CPR.

Camps will take place inside our air conditioned training center and outside under the shade trees on our 7 acre property. We have a 10,500 sq ft artificial grass agility course with all the AKC competition level equipment. Bathing and grooming lessons will take place in our professional grooming facility.  In addition to learning all about dogs and dog training, camp activities will also include nature walks and water games.

Austin Dog Alliance summer camps are tailored to meet the needs of a variety of age groups. Please select the camp that matches your child’s age. Unless noted in the description, camps are designed for children who are in main stream classrooms without the support of an aide. The entire facility is handicapped accessible. If you have a question regarding your child’s suitability for camp, please contact us.
For camps that are designed to be “bring your dog to camp,” if your child’s own dog is not comfortable with other dogs and or a lot of children, please consider borrowing one of our dogs for the week. We have dogs of all sizes and would be happy to provide your child with a dog that will enjoy the experience.

Austin Dog Alliance carries $1 million per occurrence in general liability insurance.
Camp Director

 All About Puppies
Ages 5 - 6

Our youngest campers will learn about puppies, dog breeds, how to greet new dogs and how to care for dogs. Therapy dogs of all sizes will be part of the camp group. Campers will also have craft time each day. On the last day of camp, kids and dogs will enjoy some water play time.

All About Dogs
Ages 7 - 8
 Autism  - Ages 7 - 9

Dogs! Dogs! Dogs! This fun camp for dog-lovers will include therapy dogs of all sizes for petting during camp. Campers will learn how to safely approach new dogs, how to bath and brush them, how to train the dogs, how to run a dog thru an agility course and more. Every day, a dog-themed craft will be made. One day, campers will make dog biscuits to share with the therapy dogs or to take home to their own furry friend. The last day of camp includes water play time with the dogs.

  Autism  - Ages 7 - 9

The autism version of this camp has increased staffing to provide more support.  This camp is appropriate for students with high functioning autism, ADHD that causes social challenges, sensory processing disorder and PDD-NOS. Please contact us  before enrolling.   

Bring Your Dog to Camp - Level 1
Ages 9 - 14

Bring your best furry friend to camp with you. If you don’t have a furry friend that would enjoy camp, you can borrow one of our dogs. Campers will learn how to teach their dogs basic skills, tricks and how to run an agility course. Campers will have an opportunity to wash and brush their dogs, teach their dog nose work and rally, and more. While the dogs are resting, campers will have craft time, learn how to geocache, bake dog biscuits and listen to speakers. 

Bring Your Dog to Camp - Level 2  
Ages 10 - 15

For campers and dogs who have enjoyed camps in previous years, this camp offers the opportunity to learn new skills in a variety of dog sports, including nose work, rally, tricks and agility. 

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